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Global Documents Consultancy attempts to provide complete customer and client satisfaction by endorsing a full-service philosophy. We tend to read and view ourselves as an extension of our customers’ capabilities, recognizing that we are an essential and crucial link to their success. We can guarantee you a full set of database registered real genuine citizenship papers and identification documents at the lowest total cost price minimization.

All data are bio-metric registered with RFID( Radio-Frequency Identification) microchip and we can take just 2-10 business days to produce for you any country’s real genuine/novelty document(s) that will help you get a second chance in life with a new identity, will be able to protect your privacy, build a modern credit history, bypass criminal background checks, take back your freedom etc. 

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How It Works

Biometric data registration

You will provide us with some basic biometric information including your fingerprints and passport-sized photographs if you want to buy real passport online from us. What we do is scan them digitally as well as register them in the supposed database system. This is to make sure that you get real documents. Click here to send us your Information

Top Quality Materials

If you buy real and fake passport online from us, you can stay assured that all your documents will be made using top quality materials. So, do you want to buy passport online? Or, buy fake passport online? Well, you can always buy fake passports from us.

High Level Security

You can not only buy fake id cards online from us but also let you buy real passport online, buy registered and SSD Chemicals. Security is our primary concern and we keep all your information secure

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